Restauracja Starka


Starka restaurant

Our restaurant is located in an old-style boutique appartment building, just next to the river Odra, just a stones thorw from the town square (distance 250 m).

The restaurant consists of three rooms.


The first room is set in the ‘country style’ of an old Bavarian hut featuring antique dark-wood furniture. With lots of charming local bric-a-brac lying around giving off a simple country air, this room comfortably seats up to 40 guests with 9 tables to choose from as well as 6 places at the bar.


For those of you who prefer a more elegant and private setting, we recommend the ‘Banquet Room’. Here the furnishings are based on neo-modern designs from the early 20th century, otherwise known as the ‘interwar period’. The trraditional white tablecloths, old family photos on white walls, and elegant period furniture create a cosy atmosphere, somewhat reminiscent of an old grandmother’s dinning room. Incidentally ‘Starka’, our restaurants name, is actually an affectionate word for grandmother in Silesian, a dialect of the Polish Language. This room is a little smaller with a capacity to seat 30 guests comfortably.


Last but not least, we are very excited to invite you to dine in our newly refurbished ‘covered patio’. Our former open-air terrace has recently been covered with glass walls and a roof, meaning you can now enjoy our famous Starka cuisine while taking in a beautiful view of the Odra river, rain, hail or shine. This special area can host up to 50 guests.

All restaurant rooms and spaces are fully air-conditioned.

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